-1 cup avocado oil
-1+ cup gluten free flour
-1.5 cup bell pepper, diced
-1.5 cup celery, diced

1. Set your diced veggies next to the stove.
2. Prepare to stand over your stove for quite a while.
3. Bring a medium non-iron pot to medium/high heat and add the oil. Add in your flour as well, whisking constantly. Never step away from your roux!
4. I alternate between a wooden spoon and a large whisk - moving in figure 8s, around in circles, swirls, back and forth... making sure the keep every inch of the roux moving. If any bits stick and burn, you must start over!
5. Continue to stir and whisk on medium/high heat, bringing the heat down a little every 5-10 minutes. After about 5 minutes I often add a bit more flour, especially when working with gluten free flour.
6. Continue on low heat for about 30 minutes, or until roux is thickened a bit and has a nice chocolately brown color.
7. Once the roux is the color you desire, remove from heat (but keep stirring!) and once it has cooled down a little, add in your vegetables. It may spit and pop a good bit, so be careful! Continue stirring together. It will be clumpy.
8. Once the vegetables have cooked down a little bit and it is a big clumpy mess, you have a roux!

See my chicken and sausage gumbo recipe for what to do with it next!